Spaghetti Tree COVID-19 Guidelines

Here at Spaghetti Tree Sutton we have worked very hard to ensure that you have a safe dining experience with us. Please continue to support us as you have done so throughout this pandemic as these measures that we have put in place are new to us as well as you.

  • Hand Sanitisers will be available at the restaurant for you to use. Please ensure that you use these regularly throughout the evening.
  • Toilets are being cleaned more regularly by a member of staff
  • Please DO NOT arrive any earlier than your reservation booking. This gives us time to ensure full cleanliness of each table between sittings.
  • Do not leave personal belongings such as mobiles phones on the tables.
  • Please DO NOT visit the restaurant if you, any member of your dining group or any member of each household are showing symptoms of COVID 19.
  • Please wear a face covering when entering and moving around the restaurant unless you are exempt. These can be removed when seated.

We look forward to welcoming you back at the Spaghetti Tree Sutton and wish you a safe and belly dining experience with us

Danny and the Spaghetti Tree Team